We all need a mentor — someone to help us as we walk through seasons of ministry with. Whether you’re new to ministry or new to a season of ministry, we have some solutions to help you receive the mentoring you need

As women in ministry, we don’t always have access to the same privileges and resources as men. Let’s face it: We start from behind. Even if we have more education and more experience, that doesn’t mean we receive the same privileges as our peers. 

That’s why we started this free coaching! Our hope is to match women who want to be coached with women who’d like to be a coach.

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If you’re looking for more professional coaching and have the budget to do so, we recommend these coaches and coaching cohort. They are not affiliated with WYM, but we’ve checked that they have the certifications to coach you! If you’re interested in being on this list, please email Heather.

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