Podcast 04.03: Caroline Stone – Cultivating Change and Moving a Big Ship

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: This season we are focused on innovation. Caroline is a self-described “baby youth leader.” At 25, Caroline is on a team of youth pastors at the church she’s attended her entire life. The staff have all been there a long time, so you can imagine that driving innovation at a church with a bunch of tenured humans who are used to doing things the same way for a long time can be difficult. Caroline talks about what innovation looks like when you are the youngest person on your staff, when you have sacred cows all around you, and how innovation looks different than adaptability.  

ABOUT CAROLINE STONE: My name is Caroline Stone and I am in my third year of full-time youth ministry. I am the High School Coordinator at the church where I was raised, Memorial Drive United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. I love having real and vulnerable conversations with high schoolers and giving them a safe space to learn and grow in Christ. I’m a baby youth leader with a lot to learn but I serve on a 7-member youth staff that has a combined 100 years of experience, so I know how teamwork makes the dream work! You can follow Caroline on Instagram @carolcstone

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