It’s Our 8th Anniversary!

WOW! Can you believe that it’s been 8 years since this group started?! We are so blessed for all that we have been through together. 8 years ago today, we were a brand new Facebook group with just a few members. Our Mission was to help women in youth ministry connect together. Today: Our group … Continue reading It’s Our 8th Anniversary!

Podcast Deep Dive: Samantha Hessell

My name is Samantha, and maybe you’ve listened to the WYM podcast episode featuring myself and Maddie, one of my Innovation Team members.  We were so excited to share about the role that innovation and story and intergenerational relationships have played in our church.  Those three things have been so transformative for our congregation.  I … Continue reading Podcast Deep Dive: Samantha Hessell

Podcast Deep Dive: Kat Bair

Originally posted at on May 5, 2021 Two full years ago, a small team from FUMC Fort Worth’s Youth Ministries family, including teenagers, staff, volunteers, and parents, jumped into a project funded by the Texas Methodist Foundation called the Innovation Lab. We began with research, interviews, demographic data, and deep dives into the hearts … Continue reading Podcast Deep Dive: Kat Bair

Podcast Deep Dive: Elle Campbell

Elle Campbell, the first guest of Women in Youth Ministry’s season on innovation, ironically is a bit ambivalent about innovation. She believes that innovation is all about solving problems, and that any innovation that doesn’t solve a problem “is just a vanity project.” Elle and her husband, Kenny, are the founders and leaders of Stuff … Continue reading Podcast Deep Dive: Elle Campbell

Put Down the Coffee Table

Setting Healthier Boundaries in Ministry I am a perfectionist, a planner, and an overachiever. A classic Enneagram 1. So imagine my surprise nearly three years ago when I found myself overwhelmed in ministry. I was consistently stressed out and anxious, and it seemed I couldn’t keep my head above water. It felt like I was … Continue reading Put Down the Coffee Table

The Sprint

This post was drafted in Summer 2020 about what doing ministry in the pandemic had been like. We wanted to share it now, as so many of us emerge into a post-Covid world, as a celebration and reminder of how far we have all come, and the strength we all found. We hope you are … Continue reading The Sprint

Season of Singleness

Season of Singleness

I remember so vividly my freshman year of college being asked what I thought I would do with my Christian Studies degree I was pursuing. Without much hesitation, I said, “I’d really love to be a pastor’s wife.” As confident as I felt in God’s call to church ministry, I still limited myself to what … Continue reading Season of Singleness

Claiming Your Call in Ministry

Grief is like water seeping from a cracked drinking glass–you don’t always notice all the places that its touched until you see the crinkled and stained spots that appear.  In the past seven years of ministry, I have grieved many things: the loss of community, the loss of support, loss of heart-felt dreams, the loss … Continue reading Claiming Your Call in Ministry

The Great Thaw

I live in Texas, and we famously got rocked by a snowstorm in February of this year. We had no power, no water, for days on end. Subzero temperatures, followed by two days of snow and ice, and the whole state shut down. But, because it’s Texas, the temperature swung back up to around 70 … Continue reading The Great Thaw

We are Sunday People

Tony Campolo has this incredible sermon that he preaches, it starts with him describing a service that his church has every year. The preachers take turns preaching after each other, Tony says that it’s not officially a competition, but we all know that’s exactly what it is. One year, Tony stood up to preach and … Continue reading We are Sunday People

Journey Through Holy Week

Holy Week is celebrated in many churches, both Catholic and Protestant, around the world. But if this week isn’t something you are familiar with, take a journey with me through this week that leads us through triumph, despair, and glorious hope. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, the Sunday prior to Easter. On this Sunday, … Continue reading Journey Through Holy Week

Being a Mary during COVID-19

This morning in my devotion, I read the story of Mary and Martha. To be honest, I’ve always rolled my eyes at the story, because growing up the story was told as “don’t be a Martha!” And guess what, sisters? I’m totally a Martha. I’ve always envied Mary’s. I have always envied people who can … Continue reading Being a Mary during COVID-19

Pay it Forward

Have you ever felt like a unicorn?  That’s a weird statement, but oftentimes, as women in ministry, that is what we are treated as. I have been to many an event where I look around and see many men in the room and very little women who I can connect with ministry-wise. I have spent … Continue reading Pay it Forward

Raising Our Own (ornery) Kids

“No, I Don’t Love Babies!” This past June our second child, Baby C, was being baptized in the church. It’s two weeks before our scheduled baptism and my husband and I see another baby being baptized. It was beautiful. And the Pastor says to the older sibling, about 4, “do you love Jesus”. “Yes I … Continue reading Raising Our Own (ornery) Kids

No More Apologies.

It’s our last day of “Women in Youth Ministry Month,” and I want to take today to share something I’ve been working through for the last month or so. Last month I went to the FIERCE Conference, a gathering of mostly United Methodist Female pastors (and some strays, like me. #unordained). The gathering included the … Continue reading No More Apologies.

I’m just… Different

“I have no where to put that.” I said to our creative director ten minutes before the service started. I had carefully crafted my outfit to hide the growing baby bump, but I had failed to consider the mic pack. “Just clip it to your waistband.” Sure. They looked like jeans, but they were not. … Continue reading I’m just… Different

Fight for Maternity Leave

I’ve got three kids. Three kids is SO MANY KIDS. (I know that there are many serving in ministry who have more kids. And you are amazing. Look:.  you’re amazing if you have one. Or two. Or nine. Or none. Let’s just agree everyone is amazing, unless they actively undergird the systems and policies that … Continue reading Fight for Maternity Leave

To my Cysters

3 years ago, I was at the gym, trying to furiously work off the weight that I’d been gaining, but to no avail, could not lose. I ate all the right things, drank zero calories, but I couldn’t lose the weight. So, I went to the gym regularly to try to get skinny. This particular … Continue reading To my Cysters

About that call…

Conferences were a staple of my first several years in ministry. You know the kind- bright lights, fog (is fog a thing anymore?), everyone is really amped up about life and Jesus and ministry. And at these gatherings, specifically for those of us in youth ministry, the message was as loud as the chorus of … Continue reading About that call…

Seminary Survival Guide

I’m a graduate student in seminary. And it’s hard.  Can I get an Amen? To my fellow se(wo)menarians, (See what I did there?) here are my words for you (and maybe for myself, because I need to hear it too): First, you are doing great. Remember last week when you went to that student’s piano … Continue reading Seminary Survival Guide

LGBTQ & in Youth Ministry

Faith and sexuality are taboo topics, especially when combined. There are so many opinions, arguments and even more questions. All of this results in anger, hurt, frustration and disunity. Anger, hurt and frustration for the conservative believer, for the affirming believer and for the LGBTQ community. And, anger, hurt and frustration for people like me- … Continue reading LGBTQ & in Youth Ministry

You are Not Second Pick

I have been in some sort of youth ministry capacity for 14 years. From volunteer to staff, most of which at the same church. Through those years I had a fluctuation of feelings towards being a woman in youth ministry. Sometimes, under the right leadership, I felt no different. My early years of being a … Continue reading You are Not Second Pick

Foster Care and Ministry

When I was sixteen years old, the Lord called me a girl from small town Arkansas to ministry. I was given this list early into my ministry of goals that I should follow in order to be a great and respected minister by someone I valued as a minister. God made me with a “Type-A … Continue reading Foster Care and Ministry

An Unexpected Season

My calling into full time student ministry within the local church was so crystal clear it scared me. I knew without any shadow of a doubt that the Lord was making a way for me. I was 21 when I was hired in my first full time staff role the day after I graduated from … Continue reading An Unexpected Season

The Worst Part of the Job

The hardest thing I’ve ever had to do is call my boss and tell him that one of our graduated students was missing. He was waiting for his flight to come back from a conference. I was a 22 year old, part-time, associate youth director and I was facing the worst fear of almost every … Continue reading The Worst Part of the Job

Three Things that Male Youth Workers May Not Know About Being a Woman in Ministry

In fourteen years of full-time youth ministry, I can count on one hand the number of men who have been intentionally mean to me because I’m a woman. In my conservative background, being a female ordained minister is definitely not the norm.  I regularly am put into a position to have conversations with my brothers … Continue reading Three Things that Male Youth Workers May Not Know About Being a Woman in Ministry

“Is it I, Lord?”

I can vividly recall the moment I first felt that I was truly a beloved child of God.  While in worship one Sunday, I had only been attending worship for a month or so, I said the Lord’s Prayer for the very first time.  As I said those words, I was moved to tears and … Continue reading “Is it I, Lord?”

“Just a” Youth Pastor

“I’m just the youth pastor” I’m sure you uttered this sentence, heard this sentence, or have thought this sentence. Early in my ministry someone walked into my office that I shared with a few other youth pastors and they asked “where can I find a pastor?”. When we offered that we were pastors, they shrugged us off … Continue reading “Just a” Youth Pastor

Women in Youth Ministry Month!

Hey sisters! This month is Women’s History Month, and we wanted to take this opportunity to get our blog off-and-running by saturating it with posts celebrating women over the month of March! Many women have already submitted their articles for this month, but we do have room for more women who might want to write. … Continue reading Women in Youth Ministry Month!

Women in Ministry Survival Kit

This year for Christmas, my sister gave me the BEST gift: A “Women in Ministry Survival Kit.” I’ve joked about these sorts of kits before in our Women in Youth Ministry Facebook group, as I’ve seen youth pastors “meme” starter packs before. However, like most youth pastor memes, they are very male-centered. So, I created … Continue reading Women in Ministry Survival Kit

God Redeems our Stories

In the small town of 2,000 that I grew up in, church was typically not a choice — everyone went to church. Except for my family: my parents were uninterested in church, so my Nana brought it upon herself to make sure I was there. Growing up in the church, I had so many questions … Continue reading God Redeems our Stories

Single in Youth Ministry

Being single in a world that seems to be full of dating adults is difficult; but being single when half your teens are dating is a whole new ball game. Girl, it ain’t easy sometimes. Here are a few things I have learned being a single woman in Youth Ministry and embracing the season: Give … Continue reading Single in Youth Ministry

God gives calls.

Welcome to the first post on our new blog. One of my goals for Women in Youth Ministry is that we can have a place for women to share their call stories, especially for those women still considering their calls. When I recieved my call to ministry, I was unaware that women could even do ministry. However, … Continue reading God gives calls.


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