Our 15 Amazon Snags for Youth Min Summer!

Ok, you’re in your pre-summer calm before the storm, you have a little wiggle room in the budget (turns out you were spending a lot on donuts pre-covid…) and you want to grab a couple games, fun things, and distractions to throw at children when you’re on day 3 of middle school mission trip and you just need them to occupy themselves for a dang second. Well, you’re in luck, because the Women in Youth Ministry Facebook group has your back.

Check out their 15 favorite buys on Amazon! You’ll find indoor and outdoor games, a few mission trip must-haves and more! And join our group to be part of the conversation!

  1. Giant Jenga

Its loud. Its a little violent. It requires no explanation. In short, it is the perfect youth group game. Now, how to make it messy….

2. Giant Deck of Cards

I don’t know why a big ole deck of cards is more fun than a regular deck, but it is?

3. Tug of War Rope

Its a rope! That’s all it is. But it comes in fun colors, and is perfect for a puddle pull, tug of war, human foosball, or tying up a 6th grader that keeps trying to climb in the ceiling (just kidding……sort of).

4. Big Talk Card Game

This game markets itself as a way to “skip the small talk and connect with anyone.” Could be a great, low/no prep way to help mission trip groups, small groups, and volunteers connect more deeply!

5. Confetti Canons

Do I have a specific thing I would want to use these for? No. Do I want them? Yes. Nicole Herda, in the Women in Youth Ministry facebook group, recommends them for drive-by parties! 

6. Window Crayons

How fun are these?? Great for 15 passenger van windows, senior celebrations, and to give to that one girl who’s gotten really good at the cute instagram font.

7. Giant Beach Ball

GIANT. BEACH. BALL. Great for volleyball, pools, some kind of obstacle course, and general chaos creation. 

8. Bunch o Balloons Water Balloons

Listen, y’all, these are a straight-up game changer in our field. They actually work, and they make water balloons so much easier. Make sure to have kids clean up well after water balloon fights, the leftovers are bad for wildlife!

9. Throw Throw Burrito

Dodgeball AND a silly card game? In one? How could this not make the list. I don’t get it, but kids like it, and I would rather them throw these than real burritos, you know? Speaking of weird card games….

10. Exploding Kittens

Same guy made both. He should be a youth pastor, he understands them.

11. Pop-a-Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Ok, this one is more of an investment than anything else on the list so far, but our Women in Youth Ministry facebook group members like it, Niki Crews says that her “students use it every time they’re in the room.” I can imagine this being a really great way to engage one on one with a student who would be less interested in the more socially-driven games like codenames, or superfight. It’s also a good alternative for ministries that don’t have access to basketball courts!

12. Superfight

Ok everyone, this one is mine and mine alone. My kids LOVE superfight. We usually adjust the rules and do it tournament style, but basically, you draw cards to make a “fighter” and then take on another person and their “fighter” to debate on who would win in a fight. Audience votes on a “fighter” to move on. Got some debaters, snark-queens, and superhero nerds in your group? They’ll love this. Who would win in a fight, an army of 100 child pageant queens armed with light sabers, or a reverse mermaid (fish on top, human on bottom) with poison spit that is 30 feet tall? You decide. 

13. First Aid Kits.

*adds 5 to cart*

Fun fact: the person in my ministry who has made the most urgent care trips in the past 5 years, by a factor of FIVE?


*adds a 6th to cart for good measure*

14. Charging Station

Way easier to get them to turn over their phones when you’re the only one with a charger.

15. Fla-vor-ice 100 Pack

Let the summer begin!

What are your summer youth ministry must haves? Comment below, or join us in the Women in Youth Ministry Facebook group to be part of the conversation!

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