Cleaning Out the Fridge and other spiritual practices

Cleaning out the Fridge (and other Spiritual Practices)

If distracting yourself from any and everything was an Olympic event, I would medal every time. The problem with staying distracted is that it keeps me (it keeps all of us, really) from staying in the present moment. It shields our ability to imagine possibilities and dream of new realities. Most importantly, it keeps us […]

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The Great Thaw

I live in Texas, and we famously got rocked by a snowstorm in February of this year. We had no power, no water, for days on end. Subzero temperatures, followed by two days of snow and ice, and the whole state shut down. But, because it’s Texas, the temperature swung back up to around 70 […]

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We are Sunday People overlayed over an image of

We are Sunday People

Tony Campolo has this incredible sermon that he preaches, it starts with him describing a service that his church has every year. The preachers take turns preaching after each other, Tony says that it’s not officially a competition, but we all know that’s exactly what it is. One year, Tony stood up to preach and […]

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Journey Through Holy Week

Holy Week is celebrated in many churches, both Catholic and Protestant, around the world. But if this week isn’t something you are familiar with, take a journey with me through this week that leads us through triumph, despair, and glorious hope. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, the Sunday prior to Easter. On this Sunday, […]

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You’re Not Bad at Ministry- It’s Just Hard

I sat around a table with four other youth pastors the other night. All of us, now vaccinated, gathered on a patio, seeing each other for the first time in a year, to catch up. Turn by turn, we asked each other about our churches and ministries, and turn by turn, we all answered, “Eh, […]

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Podcast 03-03: Irene Cho – Shifting How We Lead

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: This episode of the podcast packs a punch: We discuss the sexual misconduct of male leaders in Christian Ministry, and how women can avoid those mistakes by partnering with one another. We do discuss sexual trauma, so if you are sensitive to that subject you may want to skip this episode and […]

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