WYM Podcast Episode 3: Dan Navarra – Salaries & Youth Ministry

In this week’s episode, Heather talks with Dan Navarra, a youth pastor who cares about other youth pastors. This week we’ll talk about the reality of the gender wage pay gap in youth ministry, as well as how to advocate for a pay raise in ministry!

ABOUT DAN: Dan Navarra has been in youth ministry over 15 years, also serving as head of his church’s HR and Personnel Team.  He hosts the largest national survey of Youth Pastor compensation ever, now spanning 5,000 Youth Pastors over a three year period. He also is a Church Coach with Chemistry Staffing, helping churches make quality hires for pastoral positions. He holds a Masters of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary in addition to his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a religious emphasis. Dan has been published by Church Law & Tax, while also doing work with Christianity Today under their churchsalary.com umbrella. Dan and his wife Amy have three boys, love pizza nights, baseball, and trips to the beach on a whim. If you have a hiring need at your church, you can schedule a time to chat with Dan here.

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