WYM Podcast 2-03: Elle Dowd – Women Teach Jael

Have you seen that meme floating around about “If you can’t handle me at my Judges 4-5, you don’t deserve me at my Proverbs 31?” Today Elle Dowd dives into that passage with Heather, and what it says about our leadership and femininity.

ABOUT ELLE: Elle Dowd (she/her/hers) is a bi-furious recent graduate of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and a candidate for ordained ministry in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Elle has pieces of her heart in Sierra Leone, where her two children were born, and in St. Louis where she learned from the radical, queer, Black leadership during the Ferguson Uprising. She is writing a book with Broadleaf Books that will be up for preorder in early 2021 and released summer 2021.


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