WYM Podcast 2-02: Loni Fancher – Women Teach Adam & Eve

When Heather thought about this series, the FIRST person she thought of was Loni. Loni is a natural story-teller, thinking of stories in new and creative ways. Loni talks Adam & Eve and what it means for us today.

ABOUT LONI: Loni Fancher is the Director of Youth at First UMC Arlington, Texas and will never stop being weirded out that God’s led her back to serve in her hometown. She spent most of her time at seminary studying faith and contemporary culture because she wants to help people see God at work in the world. Now, Loni spends her time with teenagers and refuses to grow up. Her passion is helping students fall in love with Jesus and make their faith their own. She lives with her two adorable dogs, Desdemona and Mercutio, & has a YouTube channel where she reads novels she thinks everyone should’ve read by now. No matter what anyone says, she was into collecting mustaches before mustaches were cool.

Follow her on social media: @pr3130girl

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