WYM Podcast 2-01: Mikiala Tennie – Women Teach Tamar

Heather sits down with Mikiala for this FIRST EPISODE in our new series “Women Teach the Bible.” Mikiala shares the story of Tamar, and some of the, uh, unconventional lessons for our own leadership this season. Also, you’ll never guess what commonality Heather and Mikiala share. IT’S WILD.

ABOUT MIKIALA: Mikiala grew up in South Florida. She started volunteering in student ministry while still a student herself and hasn’t stopped serving students since. Mikiala works in ministry because of her desire for people to truly know Christ. For six years she has served at First United Methodist Church of Stuart and currently has the role of Director of Discipleship and Student Ministries. She lives with her little Yorkie, KiKi Okoye Tennie. 

Follow her blog here: https://wordsbetweenpunctuation.com/

Follow her on social media: @Mikiala10e

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