WYM Podcast 2-11: Shuree Rivera: Women Teach Proverbs 31

We’ve got two episodes left of this series before we start our new season! Shuree speaks SO much truth into us about Proverbs 31 — but it’s not the same ol’ rusty sermon you’ve heard before. 

ABOUT SHUREE: Shuree is an urban activist and performing vocal artist with a demonstrated history of working in the music industry and in urban communities.  Ms. Rivera is best known for her more than a decade of work as an influencer and social change agent in urban communities.  She has led grassroots, inner-city community action initiatives in Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis and now throughout the city of Los Angeles.  She is driven each day by a passion to do work in communities of color that has lasting impact and that inspires others to be their best.

Shuree is professionally trained and experienced in music and video production, creative design, songwriting, content development, music publishing, theater, dance and public speaking.  She graduated from Nyack College, New York, with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) in Music Business.

You can listen to Shuree’s new single “Let Love Begin” here.

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