Podcast 04.01: Elle Campbell – Innovation Starts With the Problem


This season are focusing the podcast on innovation — a hot topic in the youth ministry community right now. Between some grants that have been available to youth pastors and a pandemic that forced people to get innovative, all of us have been faced with obstacles and been forced to turn them into opportunities. Who better to kick off this season than with Elle Campbell, who heads up Stuff You Can Use and Grow Curriculum? Elle’s gift is innovation, and shares her wisdom with us today.

ABOUT ELLE CAMPBELL: Elle is the co-founder and Chief Content Officer of Stuff You Can Use and Grow Curriculum. She has been doing youth ministry since she was a teenager and is passionate about ministry that empowers both teenagers and adult volunteers to lead and serve in significant ways. When she’s not doing ministry stuff, Elle is probably reading a book or making something — food, a scarf, a new business, a puzzle, or a LEGO set maybe?

Follow Elle on IG: @elllllllllllllllllle / @stuffyoucanuse, Twitter: @ellllllllllle / @stuffyoucanuse and Facebook: @stuffyoucanuse

And don’t forget to check out growcurriculum.org

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