Podcast 04.05: Rev. Bethany Peerbolte – TikTok Pastor

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: At first, TikTok just seemed like a funny place for weird dance moves, pranks, and pet videos. But then Bethany posted a video affirming the LGTBQ+ community and went viral. Now, Bethany has over 300,000 followers and is embracing ministry in a whole new way.

ABOUT BETHANY: Rev. Bethany is a PCUSA Pastor currently serving at Everybody’s Church in Birmingham Michigan. During the wild west frontier that was ministry in a pandemic she started posting 15second videos on TikTok. A year later she has nearly 300,000 followers and has launched a digital ministry where they can heal from religious trauma and reconnect with God.
You can follower her at RevBethany (TikTok and Instagram) and her church at everybodyschurch.org

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