Podcast 05.02: Nora Elliott – Creating Gender-Inclusive Student Ministries

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Creating gender-inclusive spaces is a passion that I (Heather) share with this week’s guest, Rev. Nora Elliott. Nora shares about how to create spaces for transgender and non-binary students in terms of “levels” — applicable actions no matter your church context.

ABOUT NORA: Rev. Nora Elliott, ordained 5 years ago with the United Church of Christ, currently serving a PCUSA congregation in MN. Nora uses she/they pronouns and her call started as a youth and family pastor, but has grown to include comprehensive sexual health and wellness education for the church and wider world at large. She’s an avid gamer who uses Dungeons & Dragons to engage youth in the necessary work of social and critical thinking skill development. She’s on tiktok providing good news on a semi-regular basis, as well as Facebook sharing theological memes for the digital age.

You can follow her at Facebook.com/revnora

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