Podcast 05.07: Gina Abbas: WYM Conference 2022 Keynote

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: The next Women in Youth Ministry Conference is coming up, and our Conference Team asked that I publish the keynotes from last year so that you all could get a glimpse of what is in store. This last keynote of the series was the last session of the conference, and my friend Gina Abbas got to do it. Gina was a key source of encouragement for me when I got started in ministry, and I found her by Googling “women in youth ministry.” In this keynote Gina encourages women to be who God created them to be!

ABOUT GINA: Gina writes, consults, coaches, and speaks on the topics of women in leadership, multisite, youth ministry, parenting, and career advancement for women facing barriers to success. When she isn’t drinking coffee or trying to decode Taylor Swift lyrics for secret messages, she likes to hang out with her family—sometimes defeating them at Mario Kart. Gina is married to Tim, an online Social Studies teacher- resulting in lively dinner conversations centered around faith, democracy, and education. Gina lives in Zeeland, Michigan, with her husband and three kids.

Sign up for the Women in Youth Ministry Conference! Go to https://womeninyouthministry.com/conference/

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