Podcast 06.08: Allie Johnson – Mental Health as Spiritual Formation

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Allie was a volunteer in youth ministry, serving as a Chaplain in the Substance Use Disorder unit in a veterans hospital. Then Allie got her first call as a pastor — and it was to serve in youth ministry! The culture shock was big, but also not as big as you’d think! Her work as a chaplain gave her a big passion for mental health and spiritual resources; laying the groundwork for how Allie interacts with her students.

ABOUT ALLIE: Allie serves as the Youth Pastor at Keller United Methodist Church. Youth Ministry was something Allie used to do in her free time as a volunteer and then Boom! Her first appointment in the UMC was as a Youth Pastor. Allie loves how utterly weird Youth Ministry can be, and how enthusiastic students are to just be themselves. Whether they’re discussing Barbenheimer or theologically themed inside jokes, you can find Allie almost always laughing with her students.

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