WYM Podcast Episode 6: Gabrielle Engle – Theology of the Body

This week, Heather talks with Gabrielle about her experiences as a woman in the church, and her journey from being objectified as a teenager to finding wholeness in discovering a theology of the body. The stories are surprising, y’all.

You can read the blog post that inspired this interview here: https://www.gabriellemarieengle.com/new-blog/body

ABOUT GABRIELLE: Gabrielle  is a preacher, pastor and writer. She’s passionate about cultivating community in everyday life. You can often find her digging in the dirt of her gardens, hosting meals in her front yard, or taking her dog Thurman for a walk in the neighborhood. There’s a good chance she’s cooking up a new adventure to go on and collecting stories to tell along the way. Currently- she resides in Benton Harbor, MI where she is an active member of several non-profits related to youth and education. As well, she heads up an urban garden in her neighborhood.

You can connect with Gabrielle on Facebook or on Instagram @gabriellemarieengle

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