WYM Podcast Episode 7: Rita Prior – Processing the Death of Ahmaud Arbery

When the video of the brutal killing of Ahmaud Arbery was released to the public last week, people across America jumped into action. We invited Rita Prior to help us process this murder and its implications for youth ministry,

ABOUT RITA: Rita Prior currently serves at Church of the Harvest (COTH) in Evansville, Indiana, as Director of Student Ministry. Rita has traveled both nationally and internationally teaching and preaching the saving, life-changing word of God. Prophetic ministry, the process of deliverance, and the complete healing—body, mind, and soul—are the areas where her ministerial passion is undeniable. Her delivery is honest, transparent, and relatable. Rita has preached, taught, and facilitated seminars on subjects such as leadership, life skills, internet safety, social media, the cycle of abuse, sexual abuse, communication, and even how to eat healthy on a budget. She is called upon as a peacemaker in the areas of racial reconciliation, domestic partnership, and human rights. She is the founder of Risk Living, an extension of her ministry, where she provides hope to those looking to heal their body by living a holistic lifestyle.

You can follow Rita’s nonprofit, Risk Living, here.

For more information on racial inequality, including systematic racism and white privilege, there are so many resources we can name. One is Be the Bridge, including its Facebook Group.

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