Podcast 05.05: Heather Kenison: WYM Conference 2022 Keynote

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: The next Women in Youth Ministry Conference is coming up, and our Conference Team asked that I (Heather Kenison) publish the keynotes from last year so that you all could get a glimpse of what is in store. In this first keynote, I have the privilege of sharing my testimony, why I created Women in Youth Ministry, and the values that we hold as an organization that you will experience at the conference. The feedback I heard after this keynote was incredible — women saying that they never went to a conference before that cared about their safety, valued diversity and displayed it, and created space for vulnerability. My hope is that this episode explains exactly what WYM is like as an organization.

ABOUT HEATHER: Heather serves at St. Luke’s UMC in Indianapolis as the Director of Student Ministries, leading a diverse team of staff and volunteers at one of the biggest UMC churches in the country. Heather is also the Founder & CEO of Women in Youth Ministry, an organization that celebrates the leadership of women. A certified leadership coach, Heather’s two biggest passions are youth ministry and youth pastors. In her free time, Heather is obsessed with makeup, competition reality television, “cozy” gaming, and personality tests. She is married to PJ and they live in Indianapolis with their three beloved pets.

You can follow Heather everywhere online @heatherlea17 and at https://heatherleakenison.blog/ where she occasionally puts out content.

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