Podcast 06.05: Jen Bradbury – Moving Faith Beyond Youth Group

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Youth leaders are exhausted, and it’s not because of the work itself — it’s from managing the grief of “what was” in ministry and wondering “what’s next.” Clearly the model we have had for youth ministry the last 20 years didn’t work the way we wanted, as more and more people are leaving the faith– so what can we do different to create life-lasting faith? Heather chats with expert Jen Bradbury about the work that Fuller Youth Institute did to explore how we can do things differently.

You can preorder her new book “Faith Beyond Youth Group: Five Ways to Form Character and Cultivate Lifelong Discipleship” on ⁠Amazon⁠.

ABOUT JEN: Jen Bradbury serves as Content Director for Fuller Youth Institute and a volunteer youth pastor at her church. Jen holds an MA in Youth Ministry Leadership from Huntington University and prior to working at FYI, she served as a youth worker in the local church for 19 years. Jen is the author of several books including What Do I Believe About What I Believe, The Jesus Gap: What Teens Actually Believe about Jesus, The Real Jesus, and Called: A Novel About Youth Ministry Transitions. Jen lives with her husband, daughters, and cat in the Chicago suburbs.

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