Podcast 06.06: Lisette Fraser – Narcissism & The Church

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Lisette and I are both romantics when it comes to the Church, despite having experienced church abuse at the hands of narcissistic leadership. This week, we discuss the signs of a narcissistic leader, what happens when you call out church abuse, and how to spot narcissistic tendencies in yourself.

If you have experienced church abuse, this might be a difficult episode to listen to — or it might be a healing one. Always feel free to reach out at heather@womeninyouthministry.com to discuss and for support.

For more resources, check out the book A Church Called Tov and When Narcissism Comes to Church.

DISCLAIMER: This podcast episode jumpstarts with an appreciation for Lizzo, her music, and the way she empowers women. Ironically, the day after we recorded this, allegations about Lizzo came out. Hostile work environments happen everywhere. No person or organization is immune, no matter how “safe” they market themselves as. We don’t know the details of this situation, but none of us should be surprised if any or all of it is true. In fact, we should be cautious: that any power we are given — in management, in privilege, in parenting, or in any relationship — is not to be taken lightly. That we are no better than those we lead. That we have to rely on checks and balances, because any of us are capable of abusing power. And that is what this episode is about.

ABOUT LISETTE: I’m a Dutch-Canadian living in the US. I love young people (once a youth pastor always a youth pastor, I believe in the local church (as flawed as it may be), I think there is a ton of hope, I’m thrilled that things have to change, it’s about time!

To learn more about Lisette and read her full bio, go to https://www.lisettefraser.com

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